Youth Hostel

The large Cabin
The large cabin has two bedrooms in the first floor. Room No 1 has 3 beds, tables and chairs and room No 2 has 5 beds, tables and chairs.

In the ground floor there is a fully equipped kitchen and a large room for meetings with TV and WC.

Price per room including access to showers: SEK 375:- per night. Price for the whole building: SEK 750:- per night.

We recommend to book well in advance because of the small number of beds.

Yard House (Gårdshuset)

The yard house has 3 bedrooms with 6 beds, dining room and a small well equipped kitchen with hot and cold water.

Price per bed including access to showers: SEK 250:- per night. Price for the whole building: SEK 680:- per night.

Showers and toilets in a nearby service building. The yard house is well suited for the large group.

Meeting area

In the main house is a cozy common room. You can also find several photo albums that tell the story of our site.


In both the main house and the reception building can be kept conferences. The main house has room for 15 people, in the reception center for 10 people. To be so close to nature is inspiring for the whole group!

Please contact us for more information.